I see the Unicorn. Am I a hipster?

An up-and-coming (or perhaps already-here-now, jump-on-the-bandwagon-before-it’s-too-late) trend in marketing is the Infographic. They quickly and easily give the “reader” information using few words, hard data and lot’s of graphics.

Proving these visual cheat sheets are all the rage, they came into my non-marketing life for two random topics: Books & Hipsters.

  1. I was doing research on how to explain the who’s and what’s of an infographic for a client and came across this: An Infographic on Naughty Books. Where it gets confusing (for you) is that I don’t think it’s a particularly good visual, but i do find it to be an interesting snapshot of society. For the visual aesthetics, it’s difficult to navigate. I want to look at one book and know why it’s naughty, but instead find myself constantly scrolling around the document for dirty answers (to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is better printed but I’m not inclined to waste a tree on this). As for society, I’m sad. In general, for continuing the ridiculous practice of banning books – it means reaching farenheit 451 is only a matter of time. And to see my beloved Color Purple on this list? Well, I never…”I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
  2. Go in the complete opposite direction and that’s where I am now. Just what is a hipster? I know I can’t be the only one asking this question. And Google proved it. When I was left unsatisfied by people who thought they knew the meaning, I started doing research. But for once, words weren’t cutting it. So, on a lark, I tried “infographic on hipsters” which, by far, gave me a far greater understanding of the “Homeless chic”. But where I’m still left wanting is if it’s an all-or-nothing approach (and what does a female hipster look like?)? For instance, I wear skinny jeans. I’ve never hitchhiked, but I’ve made my own story from On The Road just going nowhere but anywhere. I like Apple because it’s Apple. I wholeheartedly believe in the unicorn because if they didn’t exist, how would we know their difference from horses? And surely it would piss God off even more if you failed to notice the color sparkle on a white horse somewhere…



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2 responses to “I see the Unicorn. Am I a hipster?

  1. I’m afraid you’ve caught the hipster, I think a cure isn’t too far away.

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